My Favourite Catch

topesTope are one of my most loved fish to get from the kayak yet I haven’t invest much energy into focusing on them this year, other than two or three night sessions that brought about tope spaces. Sean was all the while sitting tight for his first Tope so we arranged a day session to attempt and find these hard battling sharks…


Conditions were not perfect. This is regularly ordinary of the north shore of Stone Harbor which gets the brunt of any overall wind and swell originating from the Atlantic. There are just a modest bunch of days a year when the north drift is the thing that i would depict as quiet. Today was not one of those days. Today was on the uncomfortable edge of being fishable. We propelled into energetic water. 3-4 foot swell was accused of a blustery inland wind. This created a truly rough uneven wreckage that always tosses you around on the kayak. Paddle on we did….

We paddled seaward and settled upon some perfect ground to begin a float. I was adapted with a 12-20lb Ugly Stik and Abu 6500 stacked with 30lb mesh. This rigging furnishes a lot of fun with a furious Tope yet has the ability to put the brakes on a greater fish. We feathered for some new mackerel which ended up being meager on the ground. In the end a couple showed up so down went a new mackerel flapper on a Tope follow.

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